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Jupiter & Pluto – 3rd Conjunction in Capricorn on Thursday, 12th November – This is such a rare event that we won’t see it again in our lifetime and it previously occurred in 1771 when the Bubonic Plague was sweeping through Russia. So, what a year it’s been! And for anyone who doesn’t see the point in Astrology, open your eyes and read on!

Star Planners Astrology Jupiter

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

When Planets and points form a Conjunction it means that their energies are united. They are blended and are acting together. The planet Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar system and in pragmatic astrology it is interpreted as Expansive, Seeking the Meaning of Life and urges Expansion and Growth through Life’s Experiences.

Star Planners Astrology Pluto


Pluto is a Dwarf Planet but packs a meaningful punch in astrological terms. It stands for Transformation through Elimination. It is a seeker of truth and liberation, digging deep for answers, ridding one of ego and pretence and deepening contact with others. There can be no self delusion with Pluto.

Star Planners Astrology Capricorn


The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn is all about discipline, sustained effort, self-sufficiency, patience, governance, world order, rites of passage and the “long breath”. Capricorn is the Rock of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Saturn which influences the establishment, consolidation, grounding, self-discipline, responsibility and commitment. It teaches us to accept our own limitations with grace and wisdom and to learn through painful experience.

Does any of this sound familiar? When Jupiter is Conjunct Pluto, major things happen in our lives and this Conjunction occurs in a different Zodiac sign every thirteen years. The last one was in 2007 in Sagittarius when the financial crisis happened which resulted in the last major recession, in 2008.

Ceres Taking Care of Mother Earth

Consumed by our own Toxicity

Jupiter & Pluto – 3rd Conjunction in Capricorn – This time, in Capricorn, we are experiencing the Coronavirus – Covid-19 – which is having devastating effects on people’s health, relationships and finances. BUT always, with chaos comes creativity. Pluto’s influence is about ridding ourselves of things that do not serve us well – Greed, Abuse of Power, Plundering the Earth. Transformation through Elimination. – if this devastating Covid-19 hadn’t happened, some would argue, we would be spiralling headlong into the biggest disaster known to man – complete wipe-out, elimination of the human race, consumed by our own toxicity.

Jupiter and Pluto 3rd Conjunction

Step up the New Leaders

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto is showing us the way and it is in its final transit in Capricorn this Thursday 12th November 2020. As a human race we have to make monumental changes to our way of life. Do we dare to dream? Yes we do! Step up the brave, wise men and women of this world (a very big nod to Sir David Attenborough) who have visions of the way that we can save our world and prosper collectively.

Step up the new leaders in finance who are willing to change systems; to remove the greed and abuse of power that does not serve equality, only the rich; to remove the stress and anxiety in everyday life through exploitative financial systems.

Jupiter & Pluto 3rd Conjunction in Capricorn

Educate Our Children on the Environment

Step up the new leaders in environmental husbandry that can educate our children, who in turn can educate us on the most compassionate and nourishing ways forward to protect our environment, our wildlife and our agriculture.

Step up the new leaders in societal behaviour based on respect and truth. We need to rid this Earth of corruption and lies. Utopia perhaps, but there would be no use for the word itself if it hadn’t been created to inspire us.

The combination of the united forces of Jupiter and Pluto are calling out for a more equitable society, magnifying the adjustments that are needed to make this world a better place. As we prepare to fully engage with the Age of Aquarius where humanitarianism, progression, innovation, equality, unity and tolerance take centre stage, let us be thankful that the planets in our amazing Universe can send messages to us in this way. Do not Despair, instead Prepare!

With Love and Light, Stevie xxx