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Jupiter is direct in Libra and a Full Moon in Sagittarius. On Friday 9th June two major planetary movements are happening – Jupiter is travelling direct within Earth’s orbit having been in retrograde in Libra since 5th February – this is a major turning point for many of us who have been reflecting on what might be blocking our progress and what has been stifling success in the past. In pragmatic astrology, Jupiter is an expansive energy influencing growth through exploration and optimism. It seeks meaningful interaction and is constantly seeking the meaning of life. It urges expansion and growth through life’s experiences and now that it is in ‘direct’ mode we will feel the effect of this generous and optimistic planet in a very positive way.

Jupiter direct in Libra

Jupiter is direct in Libra and in pragmatic astrology Libra represents the Scales of Balance – it is an energy which influences harmony, justice and peace and is based on the use of diplomacy, negotiation, debate and communication. Libra is the great charmer of the zodiac, so the combination of the optimism of Jupiter and the charm of Libra will be a very welcome one.

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Jupiter is direct in Libra and a Full Moon in Sagittarius. At the same time as Jupiter goes direct in Libra, there is a brilliant Full Moon in Sagittarius and it is no coincidence that Sagittarius’s ruling planet is Jupiter. The Full Moon represents the closing of a chapter and the

Full Moon in Sagittarius

completion of a project or phase in one’s life. Sagittarius is a philosophical energy and one that is based on knowledge and boundless imagination. It is an independent and intuitive energy, searching out new horizons and needing plenty of freedom to satisfy its hunger for

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Sagittarius – the Archer

life. So if you have been working on your plans to forge ahead into new territory with a philosophical outlook and a positive manner, then grab this opportunity to concretise your plans and see them through to fruition.

Sending love, luck and light, Stephanie X
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