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It’s Talented Taurus Time! The Sun enters the practical, productive and persistent zodiac sign of Taurus today, 20th April 2019.

I have many friends and a very important family member (my youngest son and the reason I went into Pragmatic Astrology in the first place) with Taurus strong in their astrological DNA, so I know this energy very well.

It's Talented Taurus Time Star Planners Astrology

It’s Talented Taurus Time! This is a sign that is very much in touch with all its senses. People with this energy understand ‘the process’ and the rhythm of life. This is a very patient energy that is fully rooted, solid and very sensitive to its environment.

Some of the biggest issues with this energy, whether you have it as your Sun sign, your Moon sign or your Ascendant sign, are the inability to let go of things which have gone well past their sell-by date (metaphorically speaking); inner inertia and being paralysed by indecision with the resulting idleness which stalks this sign. If these areas can be worked on, this powerful energy can show us all a thing or two about how to be at one with the natural environment and how to carefully plan for the future through immense self-discipline and good financial husbandry.



This energy, with its magnificent ruling planet Venus is preoccupied with Self-Worth through skilled negotiation, diplomacy and being able to powerfully relate with others and this is very much magnified this year. This is a Steady, Unhurried and Sensuous zodiac sign that understands that just ‘being’ is perfectly natural and that the steady, unhurried rhythm of life is their domain.

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To all those with Taurus energy strong in your astrological DNA – enjoy this magical time.
With love and light, Stevie x