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It’s All About the Money!

On 6th March, two significant planetary phases will begin – the first one is a global influence and the second one affects us all.

Uranus, the progressive, revolutionary planet, which shakes everything up with new thought, disruption and a maverick approach to all that it deals with is entering the sign of Taurus the Bull and it will stay there until 7th July 2025. At the same time there is a New Moon arriving in Pisces.

It’s All About the Money! Taurus represents the money markets on a global platform so everything related to the financial markets around the World will be affected. Much change will happen in the banking sector during the next 6 years – the way we operate with finance, the financial institutions themselves, the way they are run; there will be much exposure of the way things have been handled resulting in much reform with new ways of doing things and significant use of new technology surfacing. Taurus also relates to Food, Physicality and the Environment. Expect radical change in unpredictable formats. Uranus is in charge!

New Moon in Pisces

New Moon

New Moon in Pisces

At the same time as Uranus starts its entry into Taurus, we are all treated to a New Moon in Pisces. The New Moon signals fresh beginnings and with the Sun uniting with Neptune this week, the ruler of Pisces, this is a wonderful opportunity to start afresh, to make your dreams come true and to use the wonderfully creative energy of Pisces in an inspirational and compassionate way.


Get rid of any negative energy that may surround you, build your boundaries to protect yourself and your emotions and use this magical period up to the 21st March when there is a Full Super Moon gracing our skies, to visualise your dreams and to plan for their success in the real world. This is a lovely influence, please make use of it.
Shine Brightly, Stevie