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It’s a Week of Retrogrades! Hold on to your horses – take a deep breath and chill! We started the week with Venus in retrograde moving into the sign of Pisces reflecting issues around relationships and money; today, 5th April, Saturn goes into retrograde position in the sign of Sagittarius and then this coming Sunday 9th April Mischievous Mercury goes into retrograde in the zodiac sign Taurus. What does this all mean?

It’s a Week of Retrogrades! Whenever we talk about retrograde in pragmatic astrology it is connected with ‘standing back’, reflecting on issues, reviewing things which are blocking our progress, identifying what those issues are and preparing ourselves to resolve them when everything starts going in a forward motion again. Retrograde literally means when planets are lagging behind Earth’s orbit; the planets appear to be going backwards when in fact they are just going slower.


Today, Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius. In pragmatic astrology, Saturn teaches us about consolidation, about grounding our dreams and visions and applying self discipline. Saturn is a very testing energy which influences us all through painful experiences. We learn about responsibility, commitment and realism through this immensely important planet, accepting our own limitations with grace and wisdom in the process.

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Sagittarius – the Archer

With the Fire sign Sagittarius, which is constantly seeking adventure, freedom and knowledge; the arrival of a retrograde Saturn in this sign is suggesting that we reflect on the really important things in life, things which can tend to escape Sagittarius on a daily basis! These are: the ability to take care of our bodies (how many Sagittarians – Sun, Moon & Ascendant included – do I know that don’t take care of themselves until it is too late); attending to the everyday aspects of life; looking after our money and avoiding idle dreaming. The influence of Saturn will allow us to identify what exactly is blocking our progress and what we need to put in place to rectify that.

Retrograde is good! It gives all of us time to reflect and think about what we need to do to secure our future and to overcome any obstacles out there. Use this time wisely; Saturn will go direct again in Sagittarius on 24th August.

It’s a Week of Retrogrades! Watch out for my Blog on Sunday where I will be talking about Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

Until the next time, with love Stephanie x

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