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Stevie Walshe


Interview with MysticMag – a little while ago I was asked if I would take part in an interview with Angela Chene Murphy of MysticMag which is an online publication for people interested in metaphysical services and learning more about the spiritual and holistic world. I jumped at the chance as I feel passionate about helping more and more people get to know what’s out there when it comes to working with their Soul. So, here it is – my Interview with MysticMag:

  • Q. What drew you to astrology and inspired you to follow this path professionally?
  • A. I was a desperately unhappy Mum to my four year old son who I thought had arrived from a different planet! I believed he had serious behavioural issues because he was so angry with me all the time and rejecting everything I was organising for him. I couldn’t understand it because my older child was so happy, so I brought in a psychologist, then a speech therapist, followed by a counsellor but there was nothing forthcoming from any of them. In desperation I was discussing my situation with a girlfriend who happened to be an Astrologer and she suggested we look at his astrological energies. I had kept a note of his time of birth so we sat down with a cup of tea and started going through his zodiac energies. And BOOM! Wow, wow, wow. I could not believe how accurate everything was and how his needs were so completely different to what I had thought. We worked out a plan of action based on his cosmic blueprint and it literally turned our world around.

I was so impressed that I then spent the next four years studying astrology alongside my day job until I felt qualified to take my idea forward of Zodiac Parenting by creating bespoke books of children’s astrology as a parental aid – my Child and Teenage Child Star Planners books. Parents, grandparents and family members were then just as interested in their own astrology as their children’s, so I then began offering Adult astrology. I have now been working with astrology in this way for over 20 years.

  • Q. How would you describe your approach to astrology?
  • A. Pragmatic! Because I came to astrology from a position of real need, I wanted practical help with my little boy. I wasn’t interested in “astro-speak”, I needed to translate everything into plain English so that I could take action straight away. My approach to astrology is to help people immediately understand its benefits. People don’t want to be trying to tackle the meanings of things. If I said to you, “Hey, Jupiter is Conjunct Neptune this week”, you’d think, “Well, I don’t know what that means” and immediately switch off. But if I said, “Hey, this week get your most audacious dreams together because now is the time to expand your creativity” you’d think, OK, let’s get going!
  • Q. How can astrology be used as a tool for self development?
  • A. In the most amazing way! You see when you know your cosmic blueprint – your astrological DNA – it will highlight what you need in place to feel safe and secure; what your natural abilities are so that you can follow your passions without any self-doubt; how you can work with harmonising your complexities, and how you can maximise your wellbeing.
  • Q. Do you think that over recent years people have become increasingly interested in self-understanding and finding greater purpose than in the past? If so, why do you think that is?
  • A. Yes I do. I believe there’s been a real shift in conscious awareness away from traditional indoctrination. Education in wellbeing, metaphysics, mysticism  and lifestyle choices has greatly increased; there is a much broader platform of accessibility to alternative options through the internet; and many more online courses assisting people of all ages to explore their interests. We’ve also had a period of extreme restrictions placed on us during various lockdowns and that has given people time to think. And some of the big questions people have been asking are, “Is this it?, Is this what my life is all about?” and “Am I doing what I really want to be doing with my life, and if not how do I manifest the changes I want to see?”
  • Q. Lastly, in your opinion, what is one simple thing that we can do for our health and wellbeing?
  • A. Allow yourself some quietude during your working day. You only need 15 minutes or so of complete stillness to reconnect with your inner self, to recharge and to listen to your body and your inner wisdom. Ideally this should be in nature and if that’s not possible, in a quiet, comfortable space without distractions. We don’t give ourselves enough time to step off our hamster wheel and to engage in this simple but effective practice.

As well as being an established Astrologer, Stevie Walshe is an accredited Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader specialising in helping people connect with their inner knowing and their own answers within.

If you would like like to know your astrological DNA and that of your children/teenagers, then please contact Stevie via email through the Contact Page on this website. Take the first step on the most meaningful journey you’ll ever encounter.