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Hear the Mars Warrior Roar! The fiery planet Mars appears in the zodiac sign Leo on Tuesday, 2nd July.

Mars with Star Planners Astrology

Mars enters Leo

Mars has all the energy of the Warrior. It is assertive, courageous and dynamic with a forceful, competitive and honest influence, shaping our individuality and understanding that to be vital you have to have the energy to get things done and to be unique in all that you do. Mars is definitely not a Wall Flower. It rules the sign of Aries and co-rules the sign of Scorpio.

Hear the Mars Warrior Roar! With Mars being in the sign of Leo, this combination is all about asserting personal identity and creative expression for everyone to see. This energy has a constancy of the heart which commands an audience and a belief and enthusiasm fired by its warm-heartedness and child-like innocence that can take your breath away.

I often say that if you’re expressing yourself from the heart then your individual creativity will shine for all to see. Mars will help you have the courage to find your individuality; to let you shine out from all the rest and through love and generosity of spirit Leo will help you roar, just as the noble Lion roars when he takes pride of place.

Mercury Star Planners Astrology

Mercury enters Leo

Mercury also entered this sign at the end of June so make the most of this fabulous combination to communicate with assertion and courage before Mercury goes Retrograde in the same sign on Sunday 7th July ending on the 31st of the month.

Hear the Mars Warrior Roar! Put your fears aside; have faith in yourself and inspire others with your amazing creativity!

Shine Brightly, Stevie xx x