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Hear the Roar! Full Moon in Leo 11th February

Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo

Hear the Roar! The February Full Moon positions itself in the zodiac sign Leo on 11th February. Like the roar of the Lion this Full Moon in astrology will be signalling the completion of a project or task which has occupied you in recent weeks whether it is a business aim, personal ambition or specific objective, anything you have been working on for the past lunar month.

The fact that the Full Moon is in Leo depicts the time for using creativity, courage and boundless energy to get your thought processes and projects out there, commanding the position of centre stage and pride of place for your creation. Hear the Roar!

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In pragmatic astrology Leo is a powerful energy which needs an audience badly and needs appreciation by the bucket load. You will need to ensure that what you have been working on is given the best chance of success by getting it out there in a warm hearted way with generosity of spirit at its core.

This is a time of self-interest, of nobility and dramatic flair. It is time to be seen as a specialist in your endeavours in order to elevate your position in this World and to fulfil your heart-felt dreams. Don’t forget to acknowledge those who have helped you get to this position – you need to be honourable in your majesty, valuing those who have assisted you along the way.

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac Circle and is ruled by the Sun which is at the centre of our Solar System. When you have found the path to the Sun you will be truly expressing yourself from the heart. Use this wonderful influence to find your personal identity and what you are trying to become – your unique creative spirit.

Enjoy this Full Moon – feel its Leo radiance and be joyful with its influence.

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