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Harmony Meets Zany!

On 7th December the beautiful planet Venus which influences harmony and relationships enters the zany, progressive and eccentric zodiac sign of Aquarius. Read about the significance of this planetary movement here from Star Planners Astrology:

Star Planners Astrology Aquarius


Aquarius is an unpredictable but realistic influence. It is essentially non-conformist, stubbornly individual and independent. So expect relationships to go through a progressive and inspirational period both in terms of personal relationships and business relationships as this energy strives for equality and change through diplomacy and reform.

Think outside the box as far as your finances are concerned, especially now when finances are stretched during the Christmas period – this is a futuristic energy which applies logic and lateral thinking to any challenges that it meets.

Venus connects us to the art of good relationships and its influence is powerful when relating with others. It reminds us of our self-worth and the importance of balanced energy.

Use this fantastic influence, which has a strong humanitarian energy, to assist you in the weeks ahead. Wishing you well with your endeavours and until the next time, Stephanie xx

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