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Harmony & Charm are in the Skies as Venus enters the zodiac sign of Libra on Saturday 14th October. This beautiful match (Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, as well as Taurus) will be an influencing energy for all of us until 7th November when Venus then enters the transformational sign of Scorpio.


Venus enters Libra

Venus has a great deal to do with the power of the relationship. It helps us to find harmony and balance in everything we do; it teaches us to use negotiation and diplomacy rather than assertion and force. It also has everything to do with finances and resources and the management of these two very important aspects of our lives.

Harmony & Charm are in the Skies with Venus entering the very charming and cooperative zodiac sign, Libra. In pragmatic astrology Libra is a very graceful, civilised and refined energy which helps us to explore both the masculine and feminine sides of our nature in pursuit of perfect balance. If you are at all influenced by this stunning sign, you will know how out of kilter you feel if things aren’t quite right – anything from the atmosphere in the room to the positioning of a picture on the wall!

Star Planners Astrology Libra


Libra is an Air sign and because of this aerial view, allows for objectivity and clear sightedness in everything it does. It’s an Element which values clarity, peace and harmony; it encourages progressive ideas in beautiful environments. Because Libra is acutely sensitive to others, there is the danger of compromising too much and procrastinating for too long before making decisions.

In order to keep those Libra scales truly balanced build some healthy confrontation into your relationships and your dealings with others to fulfil your need for justice. Take this opportunity to get your finances in order – negotiate your terms and stick to your plans. Harmony & Charm are in the Skies – make the most of it!

Wishing you peace and harmony – with love and light, Stephanie xx

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