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A Big Happy Birthday to Pharrell Williams who has got to be one of the most productive Aries artists ever, not just in terms of his own singles but with all of his other collaborations too. What Zodiac sign energies does he have which have brought him this success?

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In August 2003 there was a survey done which showed that Pharrell Williams had produced 43% of the songs being played on the radio in the US at that time and 20% of the songs played in the UK – that is some kind of achievement!

As well as his amazing work with music he’s also an entrepreneur and fashionista – he co-founded the clothing brand Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Footwear. There’s no doubt that the boy’s done good and he also looks about 20 years younger than his 46 years which can’t be bad! I’d like to know his recipe for this!!!

And did you know, he’s a great fan of another famous Aries Sun artist – Elton John and named his son ‘Rocket Man’ Williams after the iconic Elton John song.

It’s no surprise then that Pharrell Williams has his Sun sign in Aries, his Moon sign in Taurus and his Ascendant sign in Pisces – let me elaborate…

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With these energies he’s very energetic and highly competitive leading an action packed life with his Aries Sun sign; he’s extremely productive, loves colour and textiles and a real money manager with his Taurus Moon sign ruled by Venus, and highly creative, empathetic and sensitive with his Pisces Ascendant sign which gives him expertise in illusory areas

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such as video. I wonder whether that’s why he called his production company Neptunes being associated with the ruler of Pisces. He released the first ever 24 hour music video guesting Steve Martin, Jamie Foxx and Steve Carrell, to name but a few, and has won two Grammy awards for Producer of the Year and Best Pop Vocal.

Wow! No wonder he’s so happy! If you would like to feel happy too, play the video link that I’ve attached to this post. Happy Birthday Pharrell Williams!