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Happy Birthday Jess Glynne – one of my all time favourite R&B hip-hop Libra Sun Energy singer songwriters and by all accounts, a genuinely lovely person.

Jess’s birthday is today, 20th October and she is a lady whose voice I could listen to all day long! Being an avid player of Jess’s music on my radio shows, her acute sense of artistic balance comes through in all of her powerful songs with that unmistakable, extremely impressive and unique voice of hers.

In her live performances, true to form and with perfect Libra manners, Jess immediately thanks her audience for their love and support after her very first song on stage.

This charming, refined and pleasure seeking Sun sign needs an arena to communicate its beautiful energy and listening to the lyrics of her songs you can hear the call for us all not to be too hard on ourselves – learn to forgive, learn to let go. This is an energy that will always seek balance, harmony, justice and peace.

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Ruled by the Planet Venus and influenced by the Element of Air the Libran energy benefits from a cool and detached disposition with an aerial view on the world which allows it to engage in objectivity, diplomacy and negotiation. It is an energy fascinated by beauty and desperately needs to be liked. It is an energy that explores both its masculine and feminine sides and will always search for equality and fairness.

Libra is the Charmer of the Zodiac!

Good luck with your UK Tour Jess and Many Happy Returns of the Day!