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Happy Birthday Avril Lavigne!
Born today, 27th September in 1984 and from Napanee, Ontario – Avril Lavigne is a Singer Songwriter and self-taught musician who burst on to the music scene at the age of 17. She has her Sun sign in Libra, her Moon sign in Scorpio and her Ascendant sign in Leo.

She refused to conform to the normal skin baring imagery and relied on her powerhouse voice to rocket herself to stardom in 2002 with her 6xPlatinum hit Let Go. Since then she has had a string of international hit singles, toured the globe on multiple tours, been nominated eight times for Grammy Awards, won eight Canadian Juno Awards and sold more than 35 million albums and 20 million tracks worldwide.

Avril’s Trilogy of Astrological Energies is: Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon and Leo Ascendant. With her Sun sign in Libra she will be constantly seeking harmony, justice and peace. She is artistic and has a balanced eye and ear for her music and her imagery.

Avril Lavigne

Happy Birthday Avril Lavigne!

With her Moon sign in Scorpio she will have deep emotional courage requiring total honesty and reassurance from those she trusts and will love to live on the emotional edge of life with all its difficult and dangerous challenges. And with her Leo Ascendant she will need a stage to perform on and a great deal of love and appreciation for her talents of self-expression and creativity which course through her veins.

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