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If you want to plan for Growth, Happiness & Success, the time is NOW!

On Wednesday 10th April Jupiter goes Retrograde in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our Solar system and in Pragmatic Astrology it has everything to do with Expansion, Growth through Exploration, Optimism, Wisdom and Meaningful Interaction.

Star Planners Astrology Jupiter

Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius

The fact that Jupiter has gone into retrograde is a massive opportunity for all of us to identify the extra development we need to invest in our success. Identify whatever it is that is stunting our growth. Recognise the problem, admit that it is there, then set about planning for our future Growth, Happiness & Success.

Star Planners Astrology Sagittarius


Jupiter will be in retrograde in Sagittarius until 11th August 2019. We need to use this massive opportunity to seriously plan for our future growth – it’s a time for reflection and action! If you’ve been putting things off through fear of failure, grasp the nettle now and make it happen! Get others to help you with any reality checks that you need and plan BIG!!!!! Make room for your expansion, deal with obstacles one at a time with the knowledge that this generous planetary influence will help us all the way!
If not now, when? If not you, who? (Hillel the Elder)

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Shine Brightly!