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What Goes Round Comes Round! Venus goes into Retrograde in Aries on Saturday, 4th March. This beautiful planet so rarely goes into retrograde that it will probably have a more powerful effect!

Past relationships

What do I mean by saying What Goes Round, Comes Round? Well, things may pop up to do with past relationships, either mentally or physically and if they do now is the time to deal with them and clear the way for good, meaningful relationships. Things might bite you up the bum that you thought had gone away – don’t retreat, use this opportunity to make a fresh start with your relationships and deal with any things and any people in your past that might affect your relationships in the future.

Work on your self-esteem

Unhappy with how you feel, how you look and your overall self-esteem? Do something about it now. Invest in a little self-love – it will make all the difference when Venus goes direct again in Pisces on 15th April. Put things in place which make you feel happy with life: maybe introduce some fresh-air slots – a walk in the park; on the beach; over to a friend’s place. Take a nice leisurely bath; go to the hairdresser’s, whatever floats your boat!


Finances may also be affected under the influence of Venus, so set out plans that will put your finances in order and think of the opportunities you can explore that will bring in the money that you require to make life work for you.

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Aries is the zodiac sign of energy, drama and challenge. This energy lives life in the fast lane so you’re likely to feel some frustrations in relationships and finances whilst Venus goes backwards in this sign. Give yourself a break! Understand that things cannot always move at breakneck speed, nor should they. Use this period of 6 weeks to reassess what’s going on in your love life and your finances and grab this opportunity to improve how you feel about yourself and your relationships.

Whatever zodiac signs make up your astrological DNA, use these wonderful influences to sort out your relationships and your financial future.

Until the next time, Stephanie x

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