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Feel the Influence of the Glorious Full Moon in Libra tonight, 19th April for the second time in consecutive months which is a bit of a rarity. Also known as the Pink Moon (named after the wild pink Phlox flowers which bloom in the Spring), the Fish Moon, the Hare Moon and the Egg Moon – all of which reflect Native American Indian traditions, if the skies are clear which they promise to be this Friday in the UK, we will be in for a real treat! Reach out and connect with the fabulous energy of the Full Moon as it settles in the Great Charmer of the zodiac signs – Libra.

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Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in pragmatic astrology represents the coming together of something you may have been working on whether it’s a personal relationship or a major business project – it represents the culmination of all your recent efforts.

Tonight make a point of looking up at the night sky; feel the influence of the glorious Full Moon in Libra with its outstanding energy and thank it for its amazing light and guidance. Once you start feeling the abundance of the Full Moon you will be connecting to one of the Universe’s most incredible gifts and you will want to feel its power again and again.

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In astrology Libra’s symbol is the Scales of Balance, representing Balance, Harmony, Justice and Peace and with the Full Moon in Libra everything that you will have worked for in recent weeks will be striving to attain these wonderful qualities. Libra influences co-operation, negotiation and diplomacy and it’s an energy that needs to communicate in order to achieve its goals.

But to get those scales perfectly balanced means addressing any procrastination that’s present and using what I call ‘healthy confrontation’ in a very diplomatic way in both your business and personal relationships otherwise you’re likely to succumb to ‘peace at any price’ which of course will lead to unbalanced scales and the wrong results!

Make sure you stand up for yourself in the most charming of ways, stick to your guns and take responsibility for your actions. In this way you will be using the influence of Libra in a very positive, proactive way which will nourish the acute sense of balance that this zodiac sign strives for.

Have fun with this very civilised and refined energy. Until the next time with love, Stevie x