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Get ready for the Supermoon on Monday 14th November which will literally take your breath away! Apart from it being a Full Moon in Taurus, more about that in a minute, it’s the closest the Moon will have been to the planet Earth since 26 January 1948. It will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than when the Moon is at its furthest point away from Earth.

Why does the Supermoon look bigger and brighter in the Northern hemisphere in the Winter? Well, in simple terms it’s because during winter the Earth is closer to the Sun and the Sun’s gravity pulls the Moon closer to Earth. So if you’re particularly susceptible to picking up the Moon’s energy, you are likely to feel it in bucket loads on Monday as the influence of the Moon will feel that much greater than ever before. In the same way that the Moon affects the tidal waters which will be particularly high at this time, so you will feel a higher degree of the Moon’s power within you.

As many of you who know my style of pragmatic astrology and read my blogs regularly will know, the Full Moon represents the coming together of all the work you have been doing in past weeks. In astrology it represents the completion of a project that you hold dear, whether it’s personal or to do with your career. The significance of this Supermoon in Taurus will not be lost on you.

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Taurus is a mighty energy with the symbol of the Bull representing its strength and steadfastness. This is a productive, unhurried and generative energy, using careful planning to keep its feet firmly on the ground. So whatever you have been working on, if you have done it methodically and thoroughly, honing your skills at every opportunity and tapping in to the unhurried rhythm of life, you should do well.



This is a zodiac energy that needs harmony being ruled by the beautiful planet Venus. It knows its self worth. Use this beautiful influence to get in touch with the simple things in life. Know your skills and introduce them to the World in an affectionate and peace loving way avoiding the dangers of becoming angry with the sudden changes and unexpected surprises that may be going on in the world around you.

Embrace this wonderful Supermoon Energy, it’s not going to happen again for quite some time. Please share this blog if you find it interesting and know of others who would like to know about the Supermoon. Love and light Stephanie x

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