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Tonight I want to talk about the powerful Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus now in our skies, on 8th November.

The quote by Rudyard Kipling, ” If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…” comes to mind at this time of extreme intensity between the “old order” and the new. What we have with this Total Lunar Eclipse is powerful, permanent change on our horizon. It won’t happen over night but it’s important to remember that there will be a good outcome from the enormity of this transitional time, guided by the planets above. ‘As above, so below” – never has this been more so than now!

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The Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – A Full Moon always represents closure, at the same time showing us that we need to “release” in order to make space for new energy, illuminating new ways forward. The Sun is in Scorpio, the sign of secrets, digging deep, the truth, power, the underworld, and complex emotions. The Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse is in the opposite sign of Taurus, representing money, wealth, security, safety and simplicity. Overlay the tug of war going on between Saturn and Uranus (old order vs. new), and between Neptune (in Pisces – the Dreamer of Dreams) and Mars (the Warrior), now retrograde (in Gemini – the Communicator) – is it any wonder that there is a real danger of being ambushed and embroiled in a spiralling sense of hysterical fear at this time with nothing being clear! The Media is going to have another field day!

Sun in Scorpio


So, channel the positive my friends – this is a wonderfully creative time – allow your dreams to take you into beautiful, spiritual territory. Turn off the news, it really helps. I haven’t watched the news in over 2 years. I didn’t even know that our latest prime minister had been replaced until somebody told me! We need to keep focused on our new collective destiny (Uranus will win over Saturn); to make sure that we don’t give our power away to others, and to not feed the fear that will be circulating. There will be BIG disclosures (Jupiter is prominent) and exposures and major, permanent changes over the next few months; just know that this has to happen in order for us to move forward, as scary as it may appear.

The Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – Closure of one door allows the opening of another. Hold on to your beautiful dreams and focus on making them a reality. Keep with your tribe if you feel part of a loving community. And, if you’ve got the wrong people and energy around you and things don’t feel right, make some changes by surrounding yourself with loving, compassionate energy and tap into your inner wisdom and your inner light. Exist in peace and stay in your power. The future is bright, we just have to go through the dark first.  With love and enlightenment, Stevie x