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Full Moon in Caring Cancer on 12th January.  On the same day that Mercury enters the very practical and realistic zodiac sign of Capricorn, where communications will need to be productive and professional, we have a Full Moon in the very caring, creative and nurturing zodiac sign of Cancer.


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In astrology, the Full Moon represents the completion of what we have been working on – the culmination of our efforts. With the Full Moon in Caring Cancer this is going to have a bearing on our emotional security and safety.

This is a highly intuitive and sensitive energy with a decent helping of creativity. So, if you have been spending the last few weeks reflecting on how you are going to make a project work then have faith in the ‘midwife’ of the Zodiac, Cancer, to help you give birth to it!

If you’ve been holding on to emotional experiences that are of no use to you anymore – let them go. It is time to develop your independence and become emotionally more self sufficient and in the process, allow yourself to move on.

The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon which links us to our basic survival instincts and is how we nourish ourselves and feel at home. Enjoy the influence of the Full Moon in this protective sign. We may become more vulnerable in the process but with vulnerability comes care, support and empathy. This energy has ‘the common touch’ and can tap in to what is popular with the masses. Use it well.

Until the next time, Stephanie xx

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