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Fresh Beginnings Influenced by Cancer! There is a New Moon in Cancer on Monday 20th July. With the New Moon comes fresh beginnings and a new start. It’s time to plan for the weeks ahead using the influence of this wonderful zodiac sign.

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In pragmatic astrology Cancer is known as the Midwife of the Zodiac – giving birth to highly creative and intuitive projects, always in touch with the needs of others and learning to stabilise deep personal feelings. The energy of Cancer is known to have the “common touch” because it is highly intuitive with exceptionally sensitive antennae.

Fresh Beginnings Influenced by Cancer

Balance Your Needs with Independence

Fresh Beginnings Influenced by Cancer! The key to a fresh start is to balance your needs for closeness and support with greater independence, emotional self sufficiency and purging yourself of emotional experiences that serve you no purpose anymore. Don’t wallow, allow yourself to move on and in doing so you will find the security and safety that you need which will be of your own making rather than someone else’s.


Fresh Beginnings Influenced by Cancer

The Waters of Experience

Use empathy and imagination, understanding and reflection, emotion and vulnerability in your dealings with others as you plan ahead. This zodiac sign is a Water Sign under the influence of the Moon, its ruling planet. You’re likely to feel the ebb and flow of life at this time so be as fluid as possible and allow the waters of experience to wash over you as you plan for new beginnings.

Have fun! With Love & Light, Stevie xxx