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The First Super New Moon 2017! It’s not a Full Moon but it is the first Super New Moon of 2017 and it’s happening tonight, 26th April, in the zodiac sign Taurus. Dependent upon the skies we may not even be able to see this Super New Moon tonight, but the Earth’s Oceans will definitely be able to feel it and so will we!

First Super New Moon 2017

In pragmatic astrology the New Moon represents the commencement of something. A new era, a new project, a new relationship, a new life, anything that represents a new start. You may feel that it’s time to start over or that you are starting a new life or a new chapter which will hold new experiences for you; it may be frightening, exhilarating, joyous or peaceful but now is the time to start putting your strong foundations in place so that you can move forward and get the energy of the First Super New Moon 2017 behind you.

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The zodiac sign Taurus is represented by the symbol of the Bull and, if you’ve been reading my recent blogs, you will know that the Sun entered this highly productive and solid sign on 20th April.

In pragmatic astrology Taurus represents the steady, unhurried rhythm of life; an energy that needs security through careful planning and routine. The Bull’s feet are always firmly on the ground and this is a productive, generative and possessive influence, loving the comforts of home and financial security. So in your plans, make sure you have all of these needs identified so that even if it’s a big adventure or you’re just not sure of what lies ahead, careful planning meeting all of these needs will help you have strong foundations from the outset.

Enjoy the magnificent influence of The First Super New Moon 2017! one of 4 Super Moons on their way in 2017. With Love and Light Stephanie x

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