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As we look forward to 2016 having left the Christmas Sparkle behind, it’s important to make sure your individual sparkle is well and truly in place for everyone to see and for everyone, including you most importantly, to benefit from.

Most of us don’t fully know ourselves or our true potential until much later on in life, if at all! We can change all that pretty much in an instant! Think of how empowering it is to know your individual astrological DNA. How it will confirm some of your thoughts, explain a whole ocean of feelings you have and open your eyes to a whole new world of potential. What’s stopping you?


My style of Pragmatic Astrology is a practical, helpful and completely transparent way of understanding how you tick based on your specific time of entry into this universe. There is no Astro Speak, no Mumbo jumbo and no Woo Woo. It’s based on the science of astrology – where the essential planets were at your precise time of birth* and what symbolic meaning they have for you specifically and uniquely. It’s when this information is gathered and processed that its relevance to you can be utilised in so many mind-blowingly important ways – whether it’s for personal, career or relationship progression.

Female form in Planet Morgue file

So, if you’ve reached a point in your life when you want to know more about what makes you so unique and to feel empowered by this incredible self knowledge so that your whole life can be enhanced, contact me for an initial no-obligation chat. When the time is right for you, take the first step to full enlightenment.


Hang on, isn’t it supposed to be nonsense?


Well Stephanie, I am completely at a loss for words after our one-to-one session today. As a scientist and proud sceptic I wasn’t expecting the profound insights you shared. It felt like you had opened my brain and spread my personality out in front of me and all in a totally lovely, generous and caring way. You have explained my true nature to me, including the reasons why I have these traits – which is really going to help me move forward in my life with greater positivity, drive and optimism. This self knowledge is going to prove invaluable when faced with any future decisions or difficulties and I can’t thank you enough! Hang on, isn’t it all supposed to be nonsense? Ha!” NH, UK 2015


*If you don’t know your precise time of birth there are gifted pendulum dowsers available to help with this – please contact me for details.