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I’ve just spent a wonderful couple of days with my lovely mum baking delicious Christmas cakes for the family. Yes, you saw that right, cakes as in plural! My mum has a recipe that has been handed down through the family for several years and I have to say the taste is something else and every member of the family looks forward to receiving Christmas cakes each year!

Whilst I’m busily trying to lose weight to fit into my party dresses for Christmas, I do this with the knowledge that I’m going to be piling it all on again afterwards as I tuck into slices of this wonderful cake throughout the Christmas holidays – no hope! My mum used to do this all by herself but this year she was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to cope so asked for my help. I didn’t realise just how hard she had worked for us each year to make Christmas the best ever. Now I know!

I spend a day each week with my mum to help her with her shopping and any appointments that she has and I love her dearly and we’re best mates but in many respects we’re like chalk and cheese! Relationships – how do they work and how can we maximise the joy we get from them?Mum and me Torbay-20121231-00172

Knowing each other really well and understanding why you do the things you do and why they do the things they do helps enormously and this is where pragmatic astrology has helped us considerably. By looking at each of our astrological energies – our Moon signs to see what is needed to be in place for our wellbeing; our Sun signs to see what we’re striving to do in our life times and our Ascendant signs to see the approach we take to life and how people view us and then blending all of this information into a workable, practical format with love at its heart has been incredibly enriching and has helped our relationship go from strength to strength over the years and has allowed both of us to respect each other’s individuality through much greater understanding of ourselves.

I am passionate about the benefits of my type of astrology because I witness the results every day of my life. If you would like to know more about how it might help you with your relationships with friends, partners, family members or colleagues please contact me for an initial, no obligation chat. You’ll be pleased you did!