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Feel the Alignment – New Moon in Aries. As the New Moon appears in the zodiac sign of Aries on Sunday 11th April, we are reminded of our ability to align ourselves with our true purpose on Earth.

Feel the Alignment New Moon in Aries


Both the Sun and the New Moon are in the fabulously dynamic sign of Aries – the first sign of the zodiac and one which is concerned with such attributes as honesty, vitality and energy.

In Pragmatic Astrology the New Moon welcomes in the new and sets the scene for new projects, new beginnings and new thought processes. So if you have been thinking of starting something new or making a fresh start with something, now is most definitely the right time as you will feel the ability to drive your will into new businesses and projects.

Feel the Alignment New Moon in Aries

Everything you want is on the other side of fear

Feel the Alignment – New Moon in Aries. The energy of the zodiac sign Aries helps us to focus on our individuality – the things which we are uniquely gifted to do – and gives us the courage to go out there and stake our claim! Now is not the time to play wallflower, it’s time to take charge of your own destiny, feel the alignment and dig deep! Have the courage of your convictions because Aries ruled by the warrior planet Mars helps us to do just that.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” (Jack Canfield), so feel the alignment with this New Moon in Aries and go for it! Use the passion and drive of this amazing Fire sign and overcome any previous doubts or challenges. As the Roman playwright Terence once said, “Fortune favours the brave.”

Shine incredibly brightly! With Love and Light, Stevie xxx