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Expect the Unexpected! Full Moon in Aquarius. On Monday 7th August there will be a Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius which adds up to some pretty important work that we need to focus on concerning what divides us and what we are lacking in. The effects of the Full Moon in partial eclipse also gives longevity to the results, in other words the effects will be felt for a long time to come.

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In pragmatic astrology Aquarius deals with unpredictability and realism combined with controlled emotions and the striving for equality, liberation and vision. It is an energy which is naturally comfortable with the impersonal, operating at arms’ length to the emotional, messy side of life. But with this Full Moon we need to be focusing on achieving a balance between the personal and impersonal, to improve and understand the differences between friendships and relationships and to strive for balance.

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Full Moon in Aquarius

With this Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Aquarius we should Expect the Unexpected! Something may happen which will jolt us into an area of awareness that is in stark contrast to how we have done things up till now. Light bulbs will start switching on in our brains, sometimes based on very painful experiences, about how we need our lives to change and what we are lacking in. This could be quite profound and result in a tangible feeling of fulfilment as you start to address these new and innovative ideas. Embrace them fully as they will feel completely right. Emotions need to play a large part in these changes as they will aid your focus on what needs to stay and what needs to change and what you need to let go of.

Use this wonderfully dramatic and very special influence to make positive changes in your life with the knowledge that no matter how tough or challenging these changes may be, the Full Moon won’t only highlight any conflict you see in your life at the moment but will also provide you with the strength to make very rewarding changes for the future.

With love and light, Stephanie x

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