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Expect the Unexpected! The planet Saturn travels into the sign of Aquarius today, 21st March, so expect the unexpected! Saturn has not been in the sign of Aquarius since 1994, 26 years ago.

Symbolised by the Water Carrier, influenced by the Element of Air and ruled by the Planets Uranus and Saturn. © Star Planners Astrology 2016.

Aquarius the Water Carrier

The deeply testing influence of Saturn aligns with the revolutionary and unpredictable sign of Aquarius to show us all the lessons of humanity and what is required to keep the Water of Life flowing for us all here on Earth. Aquarius, the Water Carrier, is completely symbolic of the help we need right now!

We have never experienced such a powerful and all-consuming situation as we are currently facing – crossing the whole of humanity with everyone and everything individually and collectively affected. Saturn teaches us to learn through these painful experiences and this is just what we are all going through now.

But, out of all of this mess, with the help and influence of Aquarius, we need to re-think everything! How we treat each other, how we look after our animals, our wildlife and our environment. How our financial institutions work; the values that we hold, what we teach our kids and how we need to advance.

Thinking outside the box is essential. We CANNOT just repeat history with this influence – if we do then we will implode and that, my friends, will only take us into further depths of despair.

The World has a chance to re-evaluate the values that we all hunger for with not just tweaks to our existing way of life but MASSIVE, progressive change. The influence of the Aquarius energy needs to be grabbed with both hands so that new, revolutionary ideas and actions are created, spearheading CHANGE!

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Individual & Collective Action

It’s up to all of us to use this time whilst Saturn is in Aquarius (both direct and retrograde up til 29/9/20) to not only learn from our very major mistakes but to carve out new beginnings, new ways forward that will cut across religions, politics and cultures, focusing on the “bigger picture” for the sake of all humanity.

Never has it been so important for our World Leaders to step up and challenge the way we have all been living our lives; the disproportionate power of money and the abuse of our environment.

Do not be frightened. Do not be silenced – get your Warrior kit on as there is a New Moon in Aries coming on Tuesday 24th March and Mars will be in charge of the planning for a fresh start.

Expect the Unexpected! We are having the Wake Up Call of our lives right now and we need to use it or lose it – literally!

With Love & Light, Stevie xx