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Expansive Jupiter goes Retrograde in Libra 5th February

The larger than life influence of the fantastic planet Jupiter will be appearing to go backwards in the Earth’s orbit from 5th February until 9th June. Jupiter is all about expansion, progression, luck and optimism so what does it mean in pragmatic astrology when it goes backwards?

If you’ve been working hard on a project or personal ambition and something is stopping you in your tracks from making it successful, take this period of Jupiter in Retrograde to focus and reflect on what you have to do to make success a reality.

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When expansive Jupiter goes retrograde in Libra, this is a time for serious introspection and reflection both philosophically and spiritually. Use this period wisely to prepare for the time when Jupiter goes direct again in June to get everything in place to underpin positive growth and expansion.

You will know what is hindering you – don’t ignore it – the writing will be on the wall and it’s up to you to face it and understand that to support growth you have to have solid foundations. Real optimism isn’t possible without recognising what’s holding you back and dealing with it.

Jupiter symbolises seeking the meaning of life with meaningful interaction; if you are cheating yourself and this wonderful energy with a façade of what’s really happening then you will not benefit from the generosity of this wonderful planet when it starts going direct again on 9th June.


The symbolism of Jupiter being retrograde in the zodiac sign Libra is that we need to work on inner harmony as well as external relationships – anything that is creating an imbalance in our lives and in our souls needs to be focused on. Libra represents the Scales of Balance and one of the most important things to remember with this energy is to avoid “peace at any price”.

Face up to what needs to be done as far as you personally are concerned as well as what you want out of life. The Libra energy will be of significant assistance in your spiritual development at this time and will pave the way for substantial advancement in your relationships and your finances.

Do nothing and you will gain nothing! This is a great opportunity to slay your dragons ready for the next positive phase.

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