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Everything’s Coming Up Capricorn! On Sunday 22nd December the same day as the Winter Solstice (the longest night and shortest daylight hours), the Sun enters the deeply passionate, sensual and creative Zodiac sign Capricorn. This is a determined and self protective, tenacious and autonomous energy, needing to be recognised for the contribution it is making to life. Capricorn is the Rock of the Zodiac!

Capricorn is a persevering, reliable and highly disciplined energy. It believes in hard work in a structured, professional and

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dutiful way. This is a very thorough energy, working slowly towards its goal just like the Mountain Goat, its symbol, which steadily climbs to the top of its mountain. Success is its goal with the wisdom connected to learning from painful experiences a major component of its tool box.

New Moon

New Moon in Capricorn 26th December

This will be followed by a New Moon in Capricorn on Boxing Day, 26th December, heralding new beginnings, a fresh start and the opportunity to plan for a new future, combined with an Annular Solar Eclipse of the Sun on that day which will reinforce the Capricorn energy superbly, followed by the planet Mercury entering this Zodiac sign on Sunday 29th December. Wow! Everything’s Coming Up Capricorn!

Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn is in charge of this

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energy, reminding us of responsibility, commitment and maturity, all laced with a good dose of realism – accepting our own limitations with grace and wisdom without thwarting our ambitions in the process. So now is the time to think about what you want to do and how you want to accomplish it in the coming year. This is not a time for wild, unrealistic plans it’s a time for realism, pragmatism and cautious optimism.

Think about what you really, really want – not just flights of fancy – this is a time to recognise your goal and start planning what it is that will help you achieve it. It is also a time for recognising the obstacles and planning ways around them. Nothing is easy in life otherwise we would all be doing it! You will only ever get out of a plan what you are prepared to put into it in the first place! Think of the seedling that needs planting in the right compost, nurturing as a sapling and then being tended, fed and watered regularly until it is in full bloom. This is the nature of the task in front of you.

Then glory in the fact that Mercury will assist you in communicating exactly what it is that you want and what it is that you need to ask for.

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Everything’s Coming Up Capricorn! Good Luck with your plans and Happy Birthday to all those lovely Capricorns out there! With Love & Light, Stevie xx