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Everything’s Coming Up Pisces! There’s a lot going on in the creative, romantic sign of Pisces just at this moment in time. Mercury entered the sign of Pisces yesterday and today we celebrate a New Moon in this fascinating sign as well. With the Sun having entered Pisces on 19th February, everything’s coming up Pisces!


Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces

Use the wonderful energy of this artistic, mystic and sensitive sign to communicate in a compassionate and caring way. Demonstrate your imaginative and acutely receptive powers in the days and weeks ahead. Mercury will be in this sign until it enters Aries on 13th March and will help you on every level of communication – linking thinking with words, actions and results. Don’t be afraid to express the comic side of your nature too – Pisces influences the clown in all of us and is a great escape from the mundane side of life.


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New Moon in Pisces

If you’re setting out new plans, dream big but be as practical as possible too, taking responsibility for your actions in the process. This is a time for developing a firm sense of ‘self’ – ground your dreams and visions in the ‘here and now’ otherwise they’ll just end up as pipe dreams which will be no good to you or anyone else.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune and, traditionally by Jupiter too. Neptune has strong connections with the sea and has healing qualities which are as boundless as the ocean. Jupiter is expansive and influences growth through exploration, searching for meaningful interaction. Use the influences of these two planets to help you with your plans in the coming weeks as we journey towards the Spring Equinox and feel the optimism in the air. Everything’s coming up Pisces!


Until the next time, written with love, Stephanie x


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