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Dynamic Mars is Direct in Aries – Mars is coming out of a Retrograde period in Aries where it has been since 9th September, to go Direct in the same sign on Friday, 13th November. This is the last time Mars will be in retrograde until October 2022.

Dynamic Mars is Direct in Aries Star Planners Astrology


Mars rules the Zodiac sign Aries and going Direct in the sign that it rules will allow Assertion, Courage, Dynamism and Honesty to come flowing back where it naturally belongs. If you’ve been fearful of raising your head above the parapet because you or someone else has convinced you that to stand up for yourself is wrong or that displaying your individuality is inappropriate because of the circumstances we all find ourselves in, you may have been turning your Mars energy inwards. Now is the time for change.

Mars with Star Planners Astrology

Mars the Warrior

Mars is our Warrior Planet; its influence is forceful, energetic and vital, firing us up on all cylinders to release strong individualism, drama and passion. This energy lives in the fast lane and needs instant gratification. It’s a risk taking and pioneering combination, highly competitive, simple and direct.

Dynamic Mars is Direct in Aries so if you’ve been thinking about how to make your mark in this world and have been reflecting on the obstacles in your way and how to rise to any challenges, now is the time to feel the warrior within, release any fear and get cracking!

Mars is a Warrior not a Wallflower and you’ve now got the opportunity to set your place at the table, in your own inimitable style and make your offering as the unique individual that you are. Know that your contribution matters to this world – don’t hide it under a bushel out of fear and hesitancy. It’s time to take action!

With Love & Light, Stevie xxxx