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Diplomacy and Harmony combine with Vulnerability and Empathy when the planet Venus enters the sign of Cancer on 31st July. Everything to do with your relationships, relating with others, the management of your money and resources and your ability to negotiate well with others is being influenced by the emotional, imaginative and highly sensitive sign of Cancer during this period.

Star Planners Astrology Cancer


In pragmatic astrology, the zodiac sign of Cancer represents an intense level of understanding of others. It’s an unfathomable energy which can connect with life’s underbelly in a mystical and reflective way, governed by the phases of the Moon and the instinctual influence of the Element of Water rather than drawing on an intellectual perspective.

Venus enters Gemini

Venus enters Cancer

Diplomacy and Harmony combine with Vulnerability and Empathy with Venus entering Cancer so, to make this amazing influence work for you, listen to your gut, become more emotionally self sufficient in your dealings with others; protect yourself and build up your sense of safety and security by giving birth to your creativity in as productive a way as possible in order to develop your independence. Let go of things and relationships that are holding you back so that you improve your sense of harmony and balance – Don’t Wallow – Move On!



The revolutionary planet of Uranus goes retrograde in Aries on Wednesday 2nd August until Tuesday 2nd January 2018. In pragmatic astrology Uranus represents a progressive, individualistic and tolerant energy. It reaches way beyond realistic limitations into a much higher stratosphere. It goes retrograde on 2nd August in the zodiac sign of Aries which is the first sign of the zodiac and is a highly competitive, highly driven energy with a simple and direct approach. There is also a total eclipse of the Sun happening in America on 21st August which will be hugely significant to Uranus’s influence at this time.

Star Planners Astrology Aries


Uranus in retrograde in Aries will be unpredictable and testing for all of us. It may take us to places we never thought possible in our personal lives and in the world around us and make us question the very nature of our existence. This is the time of the maverick, making us question ‘the norm’, asking us to reflect on what we need to put in place for humankind to progress. We will need to look at the truth of the situation through honest eyes if we are to make the most of this influence and in order to make far reaching changes for the future security of mankind.

Think positively during this transition. Our state of mind, heart and spirit will need to be in a good place to ride this roller coaster of unexpected activities that may occur during this time!

With love and light, Stephanie x

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