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Crisis & Conflict or Calm & Commitment? The Full Moon will appear in Gemini in our skies tomorrow, the 12th December. This is no ordinary Full Moon as the position of other major planets – in particular Venus, Saturn and Pluto bring massive influences to bear on this Full Moon in Gemini.

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Planetary Influences

Crisis & Conflict or Calm & Commitment? And this isn’t a question just aimed at the politics of the UK on this most significant of days; it is aimed at each one of us as individuals. So let’s take a look at the relevance of these other major planets in relation to the Full Moon.

As many of you will know by now, the Full Moon is all about completion, bringing things to a head and drawing a line under things in the recent past. The Full Moon in Gemini will emphasise the duality of life, the Yin and the Yang, ‘Never Two Minds Alike’, the need for freedom and options. Venus is about money, relationships and love. Saturn is about learning through painful experiences – our reality check – and Pluto is about transformation through elimination – understanding the benefits of recognising when things have gone past their sell-by date. And all of these influences will play a major part as we go forward from this point.

Crisis & Conflict or Calm & Commitment? You may be experiencing financial stress currently, especially with the run up to Christmas, maybe having spread yourself too thinly in order to keep all your options open, as well as emotional stress to do with conflicts between your need to work and your wanting to be at home with your loved ones (Venus). There may also be real obstacles stopping progress in you achieving your vision which results in much tension through external pressures which you may feel you have no control over (Saturn). And you may be feeling fear and dread about letting go of the status quo in order to move forward (Pluto).

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Full Moon – Tidal Waves

At the time of the Full Moon, our emotions and instincts are completely heightened – they are at full throttle and we need to use this energy in a constructive, rather than destructive, way.

Feeling emotionally vulnerable and insecure actually allows us to get in touch with our deeper needs, to identify what needs to be in place for our well-being. If our relationships are not as good as they could be then we need to look more closely at the dynamics of our relationships with no room for manipulation or self-delusion. We need to deal with things rather than avoid them! Calm & Commitment rather than Crisis & Conflict!

In business, it is all about consolidating and grounding our experiences and understanding that we will reap the rewards through the passage of time and patient, controlled discipline – what I call ‘the long breath’. We may have to experience ‘the pain’ before ‘the gain’ with less time and less resources than we’re necessarily comfortable with but dig deep, soldier on and hold on to your vision.

Pluto will help us to identify what we don’t need anymore and what changes we need to make in our lives with the things that no longer work well for us. Don’t leave things to chance with this influence otherwise it will come and bite you up the bum later. Deal with things; focus on what’s important to you and ride out the tidal waves of life with Calm & Commitment.

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Female Warriors

For all my female followers, the star Bellatrix is also on the scene. This is commonly known as the Amazon Star – the female warrior, which on a good day reflects all of the best attributes of that most courageous individual. Just beware the flip-side which can be viewed as aggressive, ruinous and pigheaded. Concentrate on advancement and success without any nastiness or poisoned arrows.

Crisis & Conflict or Calm & Commitment? No matter what else happens on Thursday 12th December, be brave, be calm and be committed to your best possible life!

Sending Love, Courage and Cosmic Kisses your way. Stevie xx