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Courageous Mars enters Taurus this Wednesday, 6th January and Mars is the planet which helps us to assert ourselves, to be courageous, dynamic and forceful. In Pragmatic Astrology it’s a very honest influence, straight talking, strongly individualistic and energetic. It’s as fiery as its colour and is the warrior not the wallflower.

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The planet Mars in the zodiac sign Taurus is a steady and productive influence. It will help you focus on building strong foundations for your future. Taurus, under the rulership of Venus, is always concerned with finances and understands that it’s important to sort your finances out so that your future plans can manifest themselves. Think “solid base” and focus on what’s real under this influence and what monies and resources you will need in place to

Courageous Mars enters Taurus

Sort your Finances out

make your plans work.

Courageous Mars enters Taurus and this energy is all to do with knowing what you want and engaging patience and steady determination to get what your heart desires. Mars will stay in Taurus until 3rd March, so you’ve got plenty of time to build a solid base that will help you through the rest of the year. Use your time wisely investing in your future.

With Love & Light, Stevie xxx