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On 9th November Courageous Mars enters the Progressive zodiac sign of Aquarius. Mars is a Warrior planet with assertion, courage and dynamism at its core. The sign of Aquarius is Progressive, Revolutionary and Individualistic with humanitarian issues firmly placed in its sights. What happens next?…

The combination of these two energies, Mars and Aquarius, means that from now until 19th December anarchy, reformation and liberation are going to be energetically debated. Aquarius will seek change with a degree of eccentricity and unpredictability, striving for equality and fairness for all. Diplomacy, arbitration and peace making will be at the top of the list as our World goes through very uncertain times.

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Mars is an assertive influence; it is a vital, strongly individual energy which can be forceful and highly competitive. Placed in the exploratory sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn, will bring with it the need to be progressive and original in thought processes with Unity and Equality, Tolerance and Objectivity firmly placed on the agenda.

Sparks might fly in the process with hard lessons learnt but when the dust settles the courage of Mars and the detached objectivity and originality of Aquarius will provide new ways forward reaching way beyond realistic limitations.

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During this increasingly volatile period, have courage and believe that the influence of Mars and Aquarius will produce something amazing even if it has the hallmarks of being somewhat unconventional! Until the next time, with love and light, Stephanie x