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Compassionate, Romantic & Highly Creative – It Must be Pisces Time!

On Sunday 19th February, the Sun enters the mystical, illusionary and unfathomable zodiac sign Pisces. This is the sign of the Dreamer of Dreams and is as boundless as the ocean, always looking to escape conflict. The Pisces energy is constantly searching to be ‘at one’ with the Universe.

Star Planners Astrology Pisces

Sun enters Pisces

It is the last sign of the Zodiac circle and is ruled by the planets Neptune (and Jupiter traditionally) and is the last of the Water signs. The symbol of Pisces is the two fishes swimming in opposite directions under the influence of Neptune, one swimming downstream representing the personality and one swimming upstream representing the soul.

Full of artistic expression, the Pisces energy is prophetic in its dreams; it represents the psychic and the healer. This is a gentle, sensitive and compassionate energy that wants to feel at one with the universe but sometimes finds this world too harsh for its very sensitive, empathetic nature.

Pisces is romantic, impressionable and imaginative with sensitive and acutely receptive antennae and because of this has a tendency to become chameleon-like in its environment with a very shaky identity unless boundaries are built early in life to avoid vulnerability and victimisation.

Because this energy, influenced by the Element of Water, is deeply connected to the whole mess of life there is a need for escapism which if over indulged can lead to addiction and self destruction.

This sign needs encouragement and support and plenty of it in order to express its wonderfully creative and dualistic nature in the ‘here and now’ so that the dreamer of dreams can develop a firm sense of self and bring its true creativity into the world through a visionary’s eyes.

Compassionate, Romantic & Highly Creative – It Must be Pisces Time!

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