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Compassionate & Caring Full Moon in Scorpio. On 7th May the Flower Full Moon will appear in our skies in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Celebrating the time of flowers, this particular Full Moon will also benefit considerably from the position of Mercury and Neptune (Sextile) which enhances the intelligent use of the planetary energies, so this is a POSITIVE Full Moon energy.

After several weeks in lockdown we could all do with some positivity and the compassionate and caring Full Moon in Scorpio will give that to us. This is going to be a very healing influence. We have all been very confused with what’s been going on; the information that we have been fed on a daily basis and the ways that we have each been feeling.

Scorpio Star Planners Astrology


The Scorpio energy is powerful with deep emotions and emotional courage and emotions are always heightened at the time of a Full Moon. With the massive influence of Neptune which is always seeking to be at one with the Universe, mixed with the sign of Scorpio we are looking at spiritual healing in a very harmonious way, with truth at its centre.

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Neptune is a healing, psychic, sensitive and compassionate energy, it is not aggressive, so put your differences aside to find your way forward in a gentle way that will allow you inner peace and remember that just because others may not share your views doesn’t mean that it’s not the truth for you – we are all different.

Compassionate & Caring Full Moon in Scorpio

Confusion & Conflict

We may be carrying with us certain ideologies at this time, of how we want to see the World evolve; we may feel conflict between our wants and our needs and unsure of the way ahead as we are bombarded with differing viewpoints and ‘truths’.

The Compassionate & Caring Full Moon in Scorpio will encourage us to use this emotional peak to our advantage to overcome the conflicts that exist between our thoughts and our feelings, our wants and our needs.

Compassionate & Caring Full Moon in Scorpio Star Planners Astrology

Reflect on Your Own Truth

We would be wise to use our quiet time to reflect on our own Truth; to clearly see what is causing any disharmony and to work to understanding how we wish to proceed. And to do this with compassion in our hearts and a level of care towards one another and our environment that we have been unable to see and witness for ourselves before this present crisis.

Once this is done, the true gift of the Scorpio energy is to then share with others so that it is not only you that is empowered but everyone around you too.

These are intelligent energies; we must use them well if we are to benefit from their united influence.

Shine Brightly, and remember at this time to place your gemstones under the light of the Full Moon to charge them so that they may serve you well. With Love & Light, Stevie xx