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Communications Get Dynamic on 17th April as Mercury, the planet which links Thinking, Words, Actions and Results enters the Creative, Courageous and Dynamic zodiac sign of Aries which is where it stays until Monday 6th May.

This isn’t a time to be a Wallflower, it’s time to be a Warrior! But and it’s a BIG But, you need to consider your communications and your assertions before you wade in! This combination has a habit of being very forthright, inviting a few challenges along the way and being insensitive to others.

Aries Star Planners AstrologyCommunications Get Dynamic and the Aries energy can cut through waffle and needless ambiguity, straight to the heart of the matter in a simple, honest way. Combine this with its

Mercury Star Planners Astrology


highly creative influence and when teamed with Mercury, you have a winning formula.

So, if you’ve been unable to receive or give clarity on matters recently, use this planetary position to enhance your skills in communicating exactly what you intend.

For more information about the attributes of the zodiac sign Aries, please click here:

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Look out for my next Blog on the Full Moon in Libra (the second time in consecutive months which is rare), this coming Friday.

Shine Brightly! Stevie xx