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Mercury enters the Zodiac sign Cancer today, 4th June, which will help us all Communicate with Empathy!

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Mercury enters Cancer

With the planet Mercury in Cancer, expect communications to reflect the caring, nurturing and hugely empathetic nature of the Cancerian energy. Aim to be as understanding as possible in your thought processes and your actions. Use your highly intuitive antennae to link your thinking with the words that you use to communicate the action you require and the results that you need in order for you to feel safe and secure.

The Element of Water Star Planners Astrology

The Element of Water

Communicate with Empathy! The Cancer energy has the vulnerable, instinctual and emotional influence of Water with a high degree of sensitivity, empathy and intuition. With a wonderful imagination and a deep level of understanding, this energy absorbs other people’s pain as if it were their own, just like a drop of water being absorbed back into a pool, taking things personally and reflecting a great deal on their experiences.

Star Planners Astrology Cancer


Cancer is ruled by the Moon which puts the Cancer energy in touch with basic survival instincts and is emotionally linked to the phases of the Moon – the New, Waxing, Full and Waning cycle. It is a nurturing, protective and nourishing energy, needing safety, security and a feeling of wellbeing in order to function properly.

Let your communications reflect this truly nurturing sign on all levels. Mercury will help you get your messages across with a depth of feeling and an element of vulnerability that is solely the preserve of this wonderful zodiac sign.

With Love and Light, Stevie xx