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Chiron is retrograde in Pisces on 30th June. Chiron is all about completeness, mending things which have become broken, whether that’s your heart, your life or your spirit. Being in retrograde, Chiron will give us all the opportunity to reflect on what we need to do for ourselves to move to a position of ‘wholeness’.

Chiron retrograde in Pisces

Chiron retrograde in Pisces

Chiron will always bring old and painful experiences to the fore when it’s in a retrograde position so that we have the opportunity to look at them in depth and learn from those experiences and understand what we have to put in place to move forward and mend ourselves in the process. Chiron suggests to us that if we accept and recognise our inner wounds only then will we find true healing.

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Chiron is retrograde in Pisces on 30th June. In pragmatic astrology Pisces is the Saviour and Rescuer of the Zodiac. It is an energy which is deeply connected to the mess of life but the danger that comes with this is the feeling of being victimised and self destructive.

The combination of Chiron in retrograde in the zodiac sign of Pisces brings with it the opportunity for us to tap into the reflective, empathetic and understanding nature of Pisces when we reflect on the areas of ourselves that need healing. The most important thing to remember is not to run away or try to escape this opportunity to mend ourselves.

We need to invite Chiron to be a major part of our lives. We need to take time to invite it in to our consciousness, work with it and use its influence to really build ourselves up again.

Use this time wisely to connect with your innermost needs and look after your health in the weeks and months ahead.

Until the next time, with love and light Stephanie x

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