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Charismatic Venus enters Enchanting Pisces on 3rd January.

For all those of you who are in possession of a Star Planners Astrology 2017 Calendar, you will know that the beautiful planet Venus has entered the romantic, impressionable and unfathomable zodiac sign Pisces today.

Venus is the planet of relationships, of harmony and self worth. It influences the balanced use of energy, skilled negotiation and diplomacy and unlocks the powerful art of relating with others.

Star Planners Astrology Pisces


When this charismatic planet enters Pisces here is where we meet the dreamy, artistic and highly sensitive astrological energy which is deeply connected to the mess of life. Compassion, empathy and caring will be at the forefront of our dealings with others as we respect a wonderfully creative and inspirational connection. This is an energy which is closely connected to the sea and tidal rhythms which promises enchantment, mysticism and psychic vibrations.

Whilst these two influences are upon us, relationships will be reflective, extremely sensitive and acutely receptive. Make sure you also have time alone to consider your position, to ensure your self worth and self identity in your relationships is identified and acknowledged by others in order to achieve the harmony and balance so essential for any relationship to be rewarding.

Until the next time, enjoy this magical time. Stephanie xx
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