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Ceres – Taking Care of Mother Earth moves back into the Zodiac Sign PISCES today, 9th November where it will stay until February 21st 2021.

Ceres Taking Care of Mother Nature

Ceres Dwarf Planet

Ceres which is considered a Dwarf Planet (as is Pluto) is the largest asteroid and the only dwarf planet inside Neptune’s orbit. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. In astrology, this planet is associated with the Mother and in particular, Mother Earth. It is a feminine wisdom that acknowledges the need for nurturing, providing sustenance and coping with birth, loss and rebirth.

Ceres Taking Care of Mother Earth

Mother & Daughter Goddesses

Ceres is associated with the Greek Goddesses Demeter and PersephoneMother and Daughter – and this significant relationship is amplified whilst in Pisces. Whatever your relationship is or has been with your mother, release the feeling of “victim” which sometimes occurs as a negative influence of Pisces. Pisces is a Water sign and it is important to let your surrounding waters flow and not be blocked by any negativity, like twigs caught in the tide.

Demeter is akin to Virgo in astrology – the Corn Goddess. She is the Goddess of Sacred Law and Death, of Harvest and of Fertility. Demeter knows the price and the cost of not looking after your crops. And we need to take this literally now. We need to acknowledge that our agriculture, our crops and our ways of feeding ourselves needs to change dramatically.

Ceres Taking Care of Mother Earth

No More Greed, No More Man-Made Poison

The compassionate, feminine side of doing things now needs to take control of Mother Earth. No more greed, no more man-made poison. We need to look at the natural cycles of growing and be in total synchronisation with them. To understand what we have done to the Earth and to stop continuing with these methods right now! You reap what you sow and if you make the soil dirty and toxic, your world will be dirty and toxic too.

Ceres Taking Care of Mother Earth

Grow Your Own Produce

So, take action; let the more feminine side of the human race come forth to influence world affairs. Ceres – Taking Care of Mother Earth – moves back into Pisces and with that allows Pisces to be the Saviour and Rescuer of the planet. Be practical; know that we are faced with economic hardship. Nurture self sufficiency – grow your own produce or seek out organic food from caring farmers and producers. Give back to Mother Earth in any way possible. Ceres is showing us the way!

Use Your Feminine Power! With Love & Light, Stevie xxx