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Celebrate Romantic & Impressionable Pisces! On Tuesday 18th February at 23:57 pm, the Sun enters the last sign of the zodiac circle – PISCES. The date demonstrates the fluctuations that happen with the Sun’s entry into each zodiac sign, owing to the year being 365 days plus a quarter day in duration. So, dependent upon the year you were born, the Sun can enter Pisces between 18th and 21st February!

Celebrate Romantic & Impressionable Pisces

Pisces the Fishes

The symbol for Pisces is the two fishes swimming in opposite directions under the influence of the planet Neptune, one swimming downstream representing the personality and one swimming upstream representing the soul. The Fish is a mystical creature believed to have carried sacred messages in several ancient cultures. Ghost Koi Carp, which we have used for our Pisces illustration, is known for its ghostly, ethereal quality and astonishing silver beauty.

Celebrate Romantic & Impressionable Pisces! Pisces is romantic, impressionable and imaginative with sensitive and acutely receptive antennae and because of this has a tendency to become chameleon-like in its environment with a very shaky identity unless boundaries are built early in life to avoid vulnerability and victimisation.

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Element of Water

Because this energy, influenced by the Element of Water, is as boundless as the ocean and is deeply connected to the whole mess of life, there is a need for escapism which if over indulged can lead to addiction and self destruction.

This sign needs encouragement and support and plenty of it in order to express its wonderfully creative and dualistic nature in the ‘here and now’ so that the dreamer of dreams can develop a firm sense of self and bring its true creativity into the world through a visionary’s eyes.

If you have Pisces strong in your astrological DNA, congratulations! You have one of the most compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic energies within the zodiac circle, fully connected to the sea with its tidal rhythms. Just be careful to protect yourself from the strong winds of life by strengthening your boundaries and your core identity. Those close to you need to understand your need for privacy and isolation at times to digest and process the world around you and to not take advantage of your incredibly accommodating nature.

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For those special Pisces people in your life, give them a unique birthday gift – a beautiful Pisces Azurite Gemstone bracelet providing support for *Clarity, *Intuition and *Visioning. Or the fabulous Waxed Cotton-tie bracelet featuring a single Azurite gemstone in a circle of Labradorite gemstones, awakening psychic abilities and allowing the wearer to use their visions with clarity. Perfect!

With a New Moon in Pisces on Sunday 23rd February there’s a lot to celebrate!
With Love & Light, Stevie xx