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Cancer Takes Centre Stage! Not only is it the Summer Solstice on Saturday 20th June but the Sun enters Cancer on the same day; Mercury went Retrograde in Cancer on Thursday (see separate Blog) and there is a New Moon in Cancer on Sunday 21st together with a rare celestial event – an Annular Solar Eclipse at the same time! This is when the Moon covers the Sun’s centre, leaving the Sun’s visible outer edges to form a ring of Fire around the Moon.

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With the Sun entering Cancer we meet the fourth sign of the zodiac and the first of the Water signs with its symbol the Crab. The Cancer energy has the vulnerable, instinctual and emotional influence of Water with a high degree of sensitivity, empathy and intuition. With a wonderful imagination and a deep level of understanding, this energy absorbs other people’s pain as if it were their own, taking things personally and reflecting a great deal on their experiences.

Cancer Takes Centre Stage

The Phases of the Moon

Cancer Takes Centre Stage! Cancer is ruled by the Moon which puts the Cancer energy in touch with basic survival instincts and is emotionally linked to the phases of the Moon – the New, Waxing, Full and Waning cycle. It is a nurturing, protective and nourishing energy, needing safety, security and a feeling of wellbeing in order to function properly. It is an energy linked to its ancestry with a great interest in history.

The Cancer energy needs to be needed. It is highly creative, mystical and vulnerable and is possessive of emotional experiences and people. This sign can be Crabby and will approach things sideways, being easily hurt and with a huge fear of rejection – so a bolt hole is absolutely essential.

Cancer Takes Centre Stage

Annular Solar Eclipse

Cancer Takes Centre Stage! Following the Sun entering the zodiac sign of Cancer, there is a New Moon in Cancer the following day, Sunday 21st June with an Annular Solar Eclipse. With the New Moon comes fresh beginnings and a new start. It’s time to plan for the weeks ahead using the influence of this wonderful zodiac sign and the emphasis from this rare Eclipse. In pragmatic astrology Cancer is known as the Midwife of the Zodiac – giving birth to highly creative and intuitive projects, always in touch with the needs of others. Balance your needs for Freedom with Security, Safety and Protection.

Cancer Takes Centre Stage

Liberty vs. Containment

Because of Saturn’s presence at this time there will be Conflict between New and Old, Liberty and Containment, Cautiousness and Impulsiveness so it will be important to review old habits and behaviours and responsibly adapt so that you may start afresh and bring creativity and inventiveness to your future plans.

There are a few things to remember as you plan ahead, and plan you must: Learn to let go of emotional experiences – don’t wallow, allow yourself to move on; develop your independence and become more emotionally self-sufficient, protecting yourself in the process.

It’s All Happening in Cancer! And to all those with Cancer strong in their Astrological DNA – whether it’s your Moon Sign, Sun Sign or Ascendant Sign, enjoy being Centre Stage for the next few weeks.

Cancer Takes Centre Stage

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Until the next time with Love and Light, Stevie xx