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Cancer Energy Amplified! There is a New Moon in Cancer on Tuesday 2nd July at the same time that there is a Total Eclipse of the Sun in the same Zodiac sign, swiftly followed by Venus entering the sign of Cancer on Wednesday 3rd July.

When there is a New Moon and a Total Solar Eclipse (visible in the Pacific region and South America) at the same time, it means that this energy is amplified considerably and results experience a ‘speeding up’ process.

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With the New Moon comes fresh beginnings and a new start. It’s time to plan for the weeks ahead using the influence of the wonderful zodiac sign Cancer. In pragmatic astrology Cancer is known as the midwife of the zodiac – giving birth to highly creative and intuitive projects always in touch with the needs of others. It is vulnerable, instinctual and emotional with a high degree of sensitivity, empathy and intuition.


Venus in Cancer

Cancer Energy Amplified! With Venus also in this sign we need to look for harmony in our deeply emotional relationships; acknowledging our self-worth and showing our vulnerability so that we may powerfully relate to others. Venus helps us with the art of the right relationship; it influences how we balance our energy through skilled negotiation and diplomacy.

The Zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon which puts the Cancer energy in touch with basic survival instincts and is emotionally linked to the phases of the Moon. It is a nurturing, protective and nourishing energy, needing safety, security and a feeling of well-being in order to function properly.

Solar Eclipse Star Planners Astrology

Solar Eclipse

Use these heightened influences of the New Moon, the Solar Eclipse and Venus in the zodiac sign Cancer to make your new projects, whether personal or business, relatable and with an increased degree of connectivity allowing people to see your understanding of a situation on a deeply intuitive level.

There are a few things to remember as you plan ahead: Learn to let go of emotional experiences that don’t serve you anymore – don’t wallow, allow yourself to move on; develop your independence and become more emotionally self-sufficient, protecting yourself at the same time. If you can do this, your plans will have a much greater chance of success rather than just being a result of ‘the inevitable’.

With Love and Much Light, Stevie xx.