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The Full Moon is in the zodiac sign of Taurus on Tuesday 12th November. Also known as the Beaver Moon according to Native Americans; this Full Moon in Taurus could be better expressed as Bull in a China Shop Full Moon!

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Full Moon in Taurus

Why so? Well I bet you’ll be finding it hard to use a filter at the moment with what you really think and what is coming out of your mouth! Your friends and family will pick up on it so be careful not to make too many faux pas with your communications at the moment, especially as the planet of communication, Mercury, is still in retrograde in the honest and very forthright sign of Scorpio.

Bull in a China Shop Full Moon! You’ll have been thinking of what you really want out of life and what’s really driving you and you will have become intolerant about things that up till now you’ve just gone along accepting. Just be careful about offloading it without any filter at all! The Full Moon is about bringing things to a head, to a conclusion and you will feel the influence of



this Full Moon in Taurus loud and clear!

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which is in the sign of Sagittarius at the moment which is all about freedom and liberation! You may feel that you are shackled in some way, but Venus teaches us about diplomacy, harmony and the art of the good relationship. So, if you’re going to say what’s on your mind because your need is so great, keep yourself in check a little and be prepared for some fall out. It’s all part of your journey at this time.

Watch out for some Taurid Meteor Showers too although the brightness of this Full Moon might make them difficult to see. And if you possess some SPA Zodiac Jewellery with gemstones, please supercharge your stones in the light of the Full Moon.

Sending you love and wisdom, Stevie xxxx