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Prepare for Something Spectacular!

There is a Full ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse due to happen on 27th/28th September.

The Moon will look larger as it enters its Super Full Moon size. This happens because the Moon will be closest to the Earth as it turns into a full Moon and because of that can look larger and brighter to us mere mortals.

This is a rare occurrence – NASA tells us that this has occurred only 5 times in the 1900s, the last one being in 1982. After this next one there won’t be another Blood Moon until 8th October 2033!

Those people living in the US and Canada will have the best views of the total lunar eclipse on the night of 27th September, so if you have any friends or family over there, let them know about this forthcoming phenomena which will occur for them sometime around midnight. In Exeter, here in the UK, the Moon is due to be at its fullest at 03:50 28th September. No doubt we will see some images on our TV screens at some point.

If the skies look clear on the night of the 27th going into the 28th and you do intend to set your alarm to view it, then rest assured that you don’t need any special protective eyewear to see it, unlike a Solar eclipse.

Blood Moon with Star Planners Astrology

(picture credit: Mt Lemmon Sky Centre/University of Arizona)

Its significance in astrology is related to the area of ‘re-setting’ and getting rid of emotions that no longer have a part to play in our lives. It is to do with the assertion of women (this Moon is in Aries for those of you who attended my Event on Wednesday) and the role women play in society and the understanding and significance of the feminine. It is also happening at the time of the Harvest Moon so any projects which have been started can be seen through to fruition.

The eclipse focuses our attention on relationships of all kinds and where there is disharmony. There may well be heartache, pain and tears, but the outcome will be a positive one as women will get to grips with how to express themselves in their relationships and how to balance their lives better. The affects of this eclipse will go on for several months, well into the Spring of next year.

Why is it called a Blood Moon? It’s a term that is used quite frequently to describe total lunar eclipses. Some sources suggest that it stems from the Bible and is a prophecy of forthcoming difficult and trying times with much bloodshed and it has a huge significance for the Jewish community. Another explanation is that it is because of the reddish colour the eclipsed Moon takes on during totality which happens because of something called ‘Rayleigh scattering’, the same natural phenomena that results in colourful sunrises and sunsets. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth and blots out the sun’s rays from striking the moon directly, thereby giving it a “blood red” colour.

This is the last eclipse of 2015 so make the most of it!

(picture credit: Mt Lemmon Sky Centre/University of Arizona)