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Beautiful Venus Enters Aries the Fire sign as the Sun enters Taurus.

On Saturday 20th April, the same day that the Sun enters Taurus, Venus (the ruling Planet of Taurus and Libra) enters Aries and will be in that zodiac sign until Wednesday 15th May. Venus helps with the Art of Relationships through diplomacy and negotiation and influences self-worth and balanced energy.

Aries is a passionate Fire Sign, so expect some drama, some pizzazz and some hot fiery passions to unleash themselves on

Element of Fire Star Planners Astrology

Element of Fire

your love life and in your relationships with others. Let Venus in Aries help you in all aspects of your life to negotiate fairly and honestly; to show your individuality in all things beautiful, from fashion to art, from music to the written word and to claim your individuality.

Star Planners Astrology Jupiter

Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius

On Thursday 9th May, Venus will go into a supportive transit with Jupiter which is Retrograde in Sagittarius at the moment. This will herald the need to discard things that you feel are now unnecessary – often through painful separation – because this is a turning point in your relationships – a point of renewal allowing you to grow.

Use these amazing influences to help you find the right balance and harmony for your future relationships and to take pleasure in all things beautiful.

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With love and light, Stevie x