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Stephanie Walshe Phonic FM Radio Show

Em and Cara of Crow Puppets (left) and me! (Stephanie Walshe, right)

Star Planners Astrology Radio Show

Wow! On Sunday 4th October between 2-3 pm I had a wonderful opportunity to join Jeff Sleeman and Cathy Towers on their Happy Sunday Phonic FM show where I was able to introduce my style of pragmatic astrology and mix it in with some fabulous music by artists that had great personal meaning to me either because they were showing how their astrological signs had worked for them in developing their music and overcoming issues in their lives or because they were on the airwaves at particular times in my life and helping me through some very painful experiences too. The theme was Inspiration and each of the musicians and singers featured were totally inspirational to me.

The show was a great success and acted as a pilot for my style of presenting which will be regularly reaching the airwaves every Friday morning starting on 16th October between 9-11am on Riviera FM. What an amazing opportunity for me to be spreading the word about pragmatic astrology and how it can help everyone in a very practical and highly useful way and at the same time weaving it in with some great music.

Today I guested and observed on Vic Bonfante’s Retro Show between 1-2pm on Riviera FM and if I can get to his level of expertise whilst all around him was in meltdown (I’m bound to say it’s good old Mercury which is in retrograde until Friday 9th October!) then I will be a very happy new DJ indeed! Hats off to Vic and all those at Riviera FM and Jeff and all those at Phonic FM for bringing us such great DJ-ing and music across the Devon airwaves and beyond and I can’t wait to join them!

So if you want to listen in, phone in, Facebook, or email me, put yourself on my mailing list today saying you’re interested in the Star Planners Astrology Radio Show and get a direct link to me whilst I’m on air. Go to:

Happy Listening!