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Aries the Leader! This year, 2020, the Sun enters Aries on 19th March amid a level of uncertainty and worldwide chaos that we have never experienced in our lifetime.

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Earlier in the year, January 12th to be precise, a much talked about Conjunction (united energies) of Saturn and Pluto occurred in Capricorn. In Pragmatic Astrology Saturn teaches us to consolidate and ground our experiences, learning from the most difficult and painful experiences in life. It tells us where we experience a sense of inferiority and frustration, finally developing a set of values based on reality and accepting our own limitations through the hard experiences we go through.

Star Planners Astrology Pluto


Pluto urges us towards transformation through elimination. It can be compared in the Tarot with the card of death, allowing liberation where we let go of the past, clearing the way for a new beginning. We experience positive confrontation, regeneration and new growth. There is no self-delusion with the energy of Pluto.

This very serious conjunction is certainly teaching us a thing or two presently and the fact that it occurred in Capricorn expresses the longevity of our situation. The changes which are happening at the moment are to ensure that we learn some very important and invaluable lessons for the future over time.

The influence of this Conjunction of planets is forcing us to change in considerable ways and to learn from these changes so that we may dig down deep inside our souls for the truth. We are all going through testing times, throughout the World. No-one is spared from this influence. The most important lesson we can take from this is not to repeat history. We must advance from this with grace and wisdom.

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Aries the Leader! So, this is the backcloth against which the Sun enters Aries on Thursday 19th March followed by a New Moon in the sign of Aries on 24th March! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac circle and the first FIRE sign. Influenced by the Element of Fire, this is a creative, hot tempered, dramatic and passionate energy that is highly intuitive.

The symbol for Aries is the Ram – representing potency, physicality and fertility. This energy leads, it does not follow. It is a pioneer and adventurer with a romantic imagination. Aries is a risk taker, inviting challenges with a simple and direct approach. Aries gives birth to the vision and pioneers a process to bring it out to the world.

To all those wonderful Aries out there and for those that know that they have their Moon or Ascendant in this sign – enjoy the brilliance of the Sun shining in your sign from Thursday. Aries is a pioneering energy, not afraid to trail-blaze which is exactly what we need right now!


Saturn will be moving into the revolutionary and progressive sign of Aquarius on Saturday. This is an inventive, humanitarian, eccentric and unpredictable energy. Expect the unexpected!

No matter what your challenges are at the moment – Shine Your Brightest!

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