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This Friday we will see an Eclipsed Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius! This will be the second Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in 2020 which is when around 90% of the Moon’s Disc (at its maximum) will be shaded by the Earth which will result in a slight shadow gradient across the Moon.

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Full Moon Square Mars

But this Full Moon is Square Mars (the Warrior) which means that there will be tensions in the World and these tensions will be emphasised, magnified and overflowing because of the Eclipse and further complicated by Venus Retrograde in Gemini meaning tensions in relationships will also manifest themselves. It will be all too tempting to “lose it” at this time and with Sagittarius at the helm, opposing the Gemini Sun position we could be in for one of those relatively rare fiery and explosive times!

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An Eclipsed Strawberry Full Moon! The Full Moon heralds the completion of a cycle, a period of time; and for many people and countries around the world the influence of freedom-loving Sagittarius will be strongly felt. This may lead to knee-jerk reactions, especially if you’re feeling trapped and only the strongest of relationships will weather this storm.

So make the most of your passion at this time; turn anger into excitement and irritation into enthusiasm. Deepen your understanding of situations and point your philosophical Sagittarian arrow straight and true so that your higher mind can enter spiritual plains hitherto untapped. Rise above primitive feelings and search out new horizons in your imagination and, in the words of Rudyard Kipling, “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs …” then you will be in a safe and calming place to ride out the storms.

With love, light and resilience, Stevie xx